Undergraduate Program

The university persists in the school-running ideas of cultivating high-quality & practical medical talents, with noble medical ethics, strict medical manners, consummate medical techniques and extensive knowledge.

The university actively carries out the reform of comprehensive experimental courses for pre-clinical basic medical science, and the post-stage clinical teaching mode reform. It was among the first batch of implementing the credit system managing mode among national medical colleges, and has won 2 nation-leveled teaching achievement prizes and 18 province-leveled teaching achievement prizes.

5 nation-leveled characteristic specialties: Clinical Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Pharmacy and Nursing.

5 province-leveled preponderant characteristic specialties: Laboratory Medicine,Medical Image,Clinical Medicine, Stomatology,Traditional Chinese Medicine, Anesthesiology,31 province-leveled excellent courses.

The detailed information can be found at: http://www.nxmu.edu.cn/ywz/RECRUITMENT.htm